Monday, 1 October 2018

Department Store ARCHIVES - Strawbridge and Clothier Christiana Mall Christiana DE

This wonderful piece of Strawbridges architecture opened in September of 1978. It was a piece of Christiana Mall. The store featured the regular style of escalator well with stairs. It also included a fountain at the bottom. There was a restaurant overlooking the Giant mall foutain. The store ultimately closed in 2006 after Macy's already had a location here in the former Bambergers. General Growth Properties (GGP) bought both this building and the former John Wanamaker/Lord and Taylor. It was Demolished in 2008 and replaced with Nordstrom in 2011.
(Photo credit - Stores of the year Vol. II 1981)

Mall entrance

Escalator Well

Mens clothing

Mens clothing

Childrens Clothing

Mens clothing

Womens clothing


Le sport sac

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Department store ARCHIVES - Stix Baer and Fuller Chesterfield Mall

Stix Baer and Fuller My favorite associated dry goods namplate! This particular set of pictures happens to be of the Chesterfield Mall Location. It opened in 1976 it was a 3 Level store with a typical associated dry goods glass elevator/escalator well. And a Garden Rooom restaurant. In 1984 the store was converted to Dillard's. Sometime between 1990 and 1996 the store got a major remodel almost completely eliminating all of the orgiorig design features. The store was temporarily Closed in 2016 due to a pipe bursting but this became permanent after the mall continued to decline. The building is currently Vacant.

Exterior rendition
(The Department Store Museum)

Boys clothing
(Stores of the year 1)

Womens Clothing
(Stores of the year 1)

Mens suits
(Store of the year 1)

Mens suits and shirts
(Stores of the year 1)

Monday, 24 September 2018

Department Store ARCHIVES - Joseph Horne Company Randall Park Mall

If you are like I was and wondered what the inside of this branch of Joseph Horne Company Originally looked like well , your in luck. This store opened along with the rest of the Mall on August, 11th 1976. It was 201,000 sqft on 3 levels. The store closed in 1994 and was split between LaSalle Furniture and Burlington coat factory. Both later Closed and the building was Razed when Amazon cleared all the remaining building aside from Sears.
(Color pictures from Stores of the year Vol. 1979, ad from Pinterest)

Mens Department

Kitchen implements

Main floor Jewelry, Escalator well
 Seen to the right
Grand Opening Ad

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Department store ARCHIVES - HECHTS Lakeforest mall Gaithersburg MD

This 100% Disco era Hechts Opened in September of 1978. It is located in Gaithersburgs Lakeforest mall.
Which was developed By Taubman centers. The store exhibits an amazing funky mirror coated look, Typical of the late 70s. The store was renovated in the 90s and most of what you see here was dismantled. It is currently a Macy's and has been since 2006. The pictures interior are from Stores of The year Vol. 1 (1979) and the exterior ones are from the Shopping Center development handbook (1985)

Mall entrance



Exterior from across the lot

Exterior of the Store

Womens - Puttin on the Ritz

Kitchen wares


Womens - iT

Candy and toys 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Department store ARCHIVES - Bloomingdale's Mall of America Bloomington MN

Bloomingdale's at Mall of America opened in 1992 along with the rest of Mall of America. It was a beautiful marble wonder! It had a large escalator well with a giant skylight. The exterior was white marble with a large clock tower it became a local "landmark" of sorts. It lasted until 2012 when parent Macy's inc closed the store. The space has been divided between LL Bean, Forever 21 and Crayola experience. The second floor remains mostly vacant.
Escalators well 2nd floor
(Grazzini Bros.)

Escalator well 3rd level
(Grazzini Bros.)


Skyways to parking
(Biz journals)

3rd floor
(Barb tweed)

The skylight
(Barb tweed)

Department store ARCHIVES - Famous Barr Eastland Mall Evansville IN.

This Famous Barr location opened in  1996 at Eastland Mall in Evansville Indiana. It was a typical may stores prototype for the time. It was a new build on the site of Ben Snyder's Later acquired by Hess's in 1987. an original anchor structure from 1981.
The store was closed in 2006 after Macy's already had a location in the former Lazarus. It was sold to Dillards who currently occupies the space.
(Pictures courtesy of Arc construction)

Interior near escalators

Mall profile- Westdale Mall Cedar Rapids Iowa

Westdale Mall Opened October 4th 1979. It was developed by the Hahn company a major shopping center developer at the time. It's orginal anchors were Younker Brothers of Des Moines Ia, Petersen Harned Von maur of Davenport Ia(originally planned to be Brandeis of Omaha Ne.) ,J.C. Penney and Montgomery Ward. It also included an Osco drug. Petersen Harned Von Maur was shorted to Von Maur in 1989. Montgomery Ward closed in 2001, but was replaced by Steve and Barrys in 2005. In January 2007 Von Maur closed in 2008 Steve and Barry's closed after they went bankrupt. Linn county moved temporary offices into the former Steve and Barry's in 2008 after a major flood. The demolition of the mall was completed in November of 2014 after the mall closed March of that year. The only remaining structures from the mall are Younkers, Von Maur and Penney's. Younkers closed in the first round of Bon Ton closures in 2018.
Wards in 2000

Holiday 1980s

Grand opening 1979

Holiday 1980s

Younkers escalators 1980

Younkers 1980

Department store ARCHIVES - Joslins Park Meadows Lone tree Co.

This particular Joslins opened in 1996 as a part of Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree Colorado. It was designed by BHDP architecture of Denver. The first two photos are sourced from their website. The building did not last long as Joslins, being that mercantile stores Joslins parent company was sold to Dillards in 1998 . Dillards already had a store in Park Meadows. The store was converted to a Lord and Taylor in 1999 which closed in 2004. Only ten years old the building was demolished in 2006 for a lifestyle wing which is anchored by h&m.
Front courtesy of BHDP

Side courtesy of BHDP

Side courtesy of W&W Glass

Side courtesy of W&W Glass

Department store ARCHIVES Carson Pirie Scott - Miracle Mile Shopping center

Carson Pirie Scott at Miracle Mile in Rochester MN opened in the 1987. After they bought out Minneapolis based Donaldsons who built the store back in 1952. And had been there since. By 2001 it was the last Carsons in Minnesota. The others which were also former Donaldsons locations had been closed and sold off to Mervyn's among others. In 2001 rumours began to spread that Carson's would convert to Herbergers another Saks inc Nameplate and move to the recently vacated Wards store at Apache mall. In 2002 this became a reality as the second article below states. Carson's remained vacant until it was converted to a HOM furniture. Herbergers is part of Bon Ton stores and is closing the buildings future is currently unknown.
2001 article

Once it became reality 2002
Same scene from below in 2018

Picture from 2001 

Department Store ARCHIVES - Strawbridge and Clothier Christiana Mall Christiana DE

This wonderful piece of Strawbridges architecture opened in September of 1978. It was a piece of Christiana Mall. The store featured the ...