Sunday, 11 October 2015

Clearwater mall

Two pictures of clearwater mall from the early 2000s. clearwater mall opened in 1975 with Montgomery ward Gayfers and Ivey's as anchors a Burdines of florida was added in the late 1970s the mall began to fail in the late 1990s after Dillards (Bought out Ivey's) closed .Gayfers closed in late 90s then wards in 2001 then burdines in late 2001-2002. the closed in 2005 and was torn down starting with the Burdines building. It i now a power center with big box stores none of the mall structures remain.
The Montgomery ward wing in 2001

The Iveys store in 2001

Mid Cities Mall

The Mid Cities Mall in Manitowoc Wisconsin is being torn down after being shut down in the 1990s JCPenney operated until 2010 it was the last business on the site. Demolition began on the old Montgomery ward which closed in the 1980s .
JCPenney closing in 2010

Penneys mall entarance

 A mall map

Demolition begins on the old Wards auto service

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Rolling Acres Mall

ONeils store

The same store as Kaufmann's

Again Kaufmann's

Dixie Square Mall

post montgomery ward demolition

I finally decided it was time to make a DSM post it will be updated as time goes i don't think i need to explain the history of dixie anybody who is reading theis site should know what it is
Main hallway in 1968

Closed JCPenney in 1979

Penneys in 1968


Hello Retail Of Yesteryear readers I could not  find much for photos of old malls on halloween but I do know that malls used to have trick or treat events on halloween where each store would give out candy The two photos I found one of Greengate mall both courtesy of a great website that i would highly recommend if you are looking for info on Greengate mall the other is cinderella city mall with candy on the floor enjoy the photos and again I hope you have a very happy safe Halloween

R.I.P. Toys R Us

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