Friday, 11 July 2014

Mall profile - Centerplace Galleria Rochester Minnesota

centerplace galliria was built in 1987 by gus shafolios (sha foul eus ) it became shops at university square in the early 2000s the theatre and food court were turned into classrooms for the university of minnesota the pictures are from the 5th anniversary scanned from the rochester public library archives

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mall profile - Villa Italia Mall Lakewood Colorado

        Villa Italia mall opened in 1966 in Lakewood Colorado. It's orginal anchors were Joslins, J C Penney and Montgomery Ward. Sometime between 1985-1988 the mall was extensively remodeled a second level and a new Broadway Southwest store were added. Broadway Southwest eventually became Foley's. Dillards replaced Joslins in 1998 after buying their parent company mercantile stores out. By 2001 the mall was void of any stores and closed permanently. It was demolished in 2002 and replaced by a "downtown" for Lakewood. The Foley's/Broadway Southwest still stands and currently houses Dicks sporting goods. I have no idea where these photos came from I found them years ago. They are from after the 80s remodel though there are a few older ones twords the bottom.

1990s aerial view

Interior showcasing
 several 80s mall staples

Fountain and J.C. Penney

Unknown wing

Joslins wing

Home store


View from the upper level

Lemonade stand
near the food court


Upper level view

The glass elevator

View from the
upper level

90s Satellite view

Aerial view of the mall
 when it was new

Twin General Cinema

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