Thursday, 12 June 2014

cinderella city back in the day

cinderella city mll was built in 1968 by architect Gerri  von Frellick with the denver neusteters joslins and jcpenney for anchors it closed in the late 80s or early 90s and was torn down in 1997 my last post was cin city demolition enjoy the cool photos
an old ad

central court/ blue mall 

central court

food court ??

shamrock mall 


mid mod lights

woolworth and englewood signs

giant fountain could shoot up to 30 feet in the air (must have been some pump to do this)

the denver sign

more of the fountain

joslins englewood and cinderella city sign

main sign 

yet more of the blue mall 


up above the beast

parking garge entrance 

the denver ??


giant mall over  2 million square feet of enclosed space 

cinder alley p and the gap signs

cool light fixtures

mary go round 1980s

cinderella city western savings bank and englewood signs

cinder alley

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